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My name is Bettina Gárdász and I am currently studying (MSc) Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Kingston University. As part of my Masters project for ‘Design Thinking‘, I am using this space to write blogs of my postgraduate journey and personal development. I will post inspiring and innovative ideas and articles that interests me and hopefully you will find it useful and empowering.

I little bit more about me:

I am a Kingston Business School Alumni and graduated from BSc Business Management with Entrepreneurship Business Experience in 2019. You can read more about my academic background and achievements here.

During my placement, I have started to develop my business, called Enterior – “The Future is an Open Door!”. My start-up specialises in electronic and automated interior doors. The doors are operated with a variety of smart technology that would give easy access to its users, specifically benefitting people with mobility challenges.

In addition, I have keen interest in research, so beside university, I work on various research projects to gain more insight about the field. My aim is to pursue an academic career path and start my PhD journey after my postgraduate studies. 

I hope you will find my web blog interesting and please share your comments, thoughts and inspirations at the comments section!

Let’s learn together on this journey!
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Previous Achievements

“In order to know where you are heading, you need to know where are you coming from!”

Graduation 2019 – BSc Business Management
Vote of Thanks Speech – Graduation 2019

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Blog Posts

  • Design Thinking: Head or Hands?

    October 13, 2019 by

    Design Thinking: Head or Hands? The result of our very first (in-class) Design Thinking Challenge. But let’s see the story behind this Masterpiece! In this workshop, we had the chance to put the Process of Design Thinking (by Stanford University) into practice. Step 1 Our task was to walk around Campus and identify “extreme users”… Read more

  • To The Fruitful Beginnings!

    October 13, 2019 by

    To The Fruitful Beginnings! This is more than just a group photo. This represents: effective teamwork, problem solving and to voice an important cause within a short period of time. Four strangers (Kais, Joy, Yash and myself) happened to sit in the same table at the Hackathon’s poster creation and pitching practise session (26th September… Read more

  • Know Thy Self!

    October 7, 2019 by

    Know Thy Self! “In order to know where you are heading, you need to know where are you coming from!” Unknown This quote could mean different things to different people. But I look at it this way: If you want to progress in life and achieve your goals, you need to know your own self.… Read more

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Don’t be that monkey! 😉
How to be Self-Confident

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